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Finding a Rehab Center

The first step to finding the right treatment center for yourself or your loved one is to find out what options are out there that fit your unique situation, insurance coverage and budget. With so many providers, so many insurance plans and so many treatment options, the search to find the right fit can be frustrating.

At Sober Living House, we have first hand experience navigating the complicated maze that is alcohol and addiction treatment in the 21st century. At a time when so many people are struggling with addiction and alcoholism, the founders of Sober Living House felt it should be easier for individuals and families to find treatment and obtain treatment that is patient-centered and that fits individual needs and budgets.

We have established an entirely free, comprehensive service to assist anyone seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment in finding the best match to their individual circumstances without getting bogged down or defeated by an excess of options and red tape. By networking with a variety of centers across the country, offering a wide range of treatment options, we are able to narrow your choices down to those programs that fit your unique profile.

Above all, we believe alcohol and drug addiction treatment should be accessible and affordable. Our goal at Sober Living House is that anyone who wants and needs help should be able to obtain it quickly and easily using our client-centered network. We have developed a way for programs across the nation to come together in a unified approach to present struggling individuals with the resources they need to create change in their lives.

Starting the free, confidential verification process is as easy as clicking a button. Our experienced counselors take it from there, matching your insurance coverage, financial situation and treatment preferences to the rehab centers that can best meet your needs.

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